Product Review- iPhone 7+ case by Supcase

Alright everyone- if you know me, you know that I love my gadgets.

I am that person who wants to have the latest and greatest tech toy  at all times, and something that comes along with that is protecting them. Unfortunately, I’m weirdly picky about my phone cases, and that makes it really difficult. So usually I just go without a case… until recently when I dropped (!!) and then immediately stepped on (!!!!!!) my precious iPhone and decided that enough was enough. I tried using the OtterBoxes and the LifeProof cases and I just don’t like any of them. I’m always going for a smooth, sleek design that isn’t going to make my phone look like any more of a gigantic brick than it already is (looking at you, iPhone 7+. You’re literally as big as my whole face).

So a friend recommended that I look into the cases made by Supcase, and I snagged one. It’s the UB style and is black around the sides with a clear back (so you can still see that beautiful matte black iPhone, hallelujah). The case itself comes with plastic coverings on the back clear panel so it is crystal clear when you put it on. I love the look of just the “naked” iPhone, so this is PERFECT for me because if you just glance at it, it really doesn’t look like there’s a case on it at all. I’ve dropped it a few times and the shock protection quality is great. I even dropped it face down off of the treadmill and it was totally fine- the front of the case is just barely raised above the screen so it isn’t noticable but it keeps the impact off of the glass itself.

Something that surprised me about it was that the coverings for the lock and volume buttons are flush with the rest of the case- not raised up off of it. I LOVE this. The case looks so sleek and like I said, it really sometimes feels like there isn’t one.

I’ve heard so many times from my friends that they just want a case for protection and function- no frilly, girly, flowery stuff. This is the one for you. Seriously. You get the protection and can actually showcase the phone you bought since it’s clear. So for all those girls out there like me who don’t care for the decorative nonsense, get this no-nonsense case. UB style by Supcase. DO IT. 10/10 stars from me!

xx Tiffany



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