Baby, I’m back!

Helloooo, everybody! Thanks for taking the time to come read my thoughts for a minute (or maybe quite a few minutes, I have some explaining and ranting to do).

As you may have noticed, I took a brief hiatus from blogging around December-ish. I’ve had a few people contact me asking where I went, why I stopped writing, and whether or not I would be back. I always said that I would explain it later, and I procrastinated doing so for a while, but I think that I have finally gathered all of my thoughts (or at least most of them), so here I am.

To start, I was not in the right mindset to be writing a positivity blog. At that time, I was very frustrated with myself and with things going on in my life, and I didn’t want that to come out in any way in my writing. I want this blog to be something that lifts people up, motivates them, and that they enjoy reading- I didn’t want to convey any sort of negativity or frustrations and pass that along to my readers. Secondly, I had honestly gotten a bit overwhelmed. Trying to come up with good, solid topics to write about was something that I struggled with (being the perfectionist that I am), and it ended up that I was staring, frustrated (see above comment about frustration in my life), at a million different drafts that I didn’t like or just didn’t seem to be quite how I wanted them to be. I began posting less frequently, and when people continually asked me, “Why haven’t you posted? What’s going on?” it stressed me out to the max! I have anxiety (which I believe I’ve mentioned before) and the thought that I was letting anyone down by not posting or making people upset created so much more stress and negativity in my life. I started this blog to encourage people and as a fun way of me expressing my passion- not to stress me out and become more of a job than a fun, creative outlet. So I decided to take a break from everything for a while and get myself sorted out and my head in the right place before I went back to blogging.

It’s been a nice mental vacation but I am glad to be back and doing what I love!

These past few months have been incredible growing months for me. I believe that in life you go through a continuous cycle- stagnant periods and growth periods. They can last anywhere from one month to several years, but I do believe that they exist. I am absolutely in a growing time right now, and so much is changing! I have never been more ready to accept change and go where the wind takes me. Bring it on, 2016!

As far as fitness is concerned, I haven’t slowed down at all (if anything, I’ve picked up the pace). I’m noticing some significant changes in my body lately and like I always say, results are the best motivation! If you’d like to keep up with my physical progression and daily(ish) workouts, follow me on Instagram. My username is xfittiffx and as long as you’ll ignore my nasty face and sweaty gym self, I would love to have you follow me and keep up with my journey!

I’ve had several people contact me lately, asking about my workouts and my diet and such. That’s a pretty regular occurrence for me, but these have been different because these people have told me that I inspire them or that I’m their motivation. I never in a million years thought that people would look up to me for much of anything, and I cannot begin to tell you how humbling it is to hear those things from you guys. You know who you are- thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. You are amazing.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to resuming this blog for you guys! As always, feel free to contact me at (I’m always looking for new ideas and I love answering questions)!

xx Tiffany


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