Positivity and Believing in Yourself

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday!

Even though the weather is (still) rainy and gross, today has been a really productive day for me and that is definitely quite the accomplishment considering the fact that when it rains I usually just nap all day! As a professional napper, I can confirm that rainy weather is indeed the best napping weather.

As far as an update on my journey: I’ve done much better about keeping my diet clean this week (yes!!!!!!!!!!!) and I’ve really noticed a difference in my energy levels and in my physique. Diet makes a HUGE difference, people! They say that abs are made in the kitchen and that is NOT a joke. My goal is to stay on track for the rest of the winter. We all know that your spring break bod is really made in the winter! Not a week before, not a month before. A season before. I’m ready to put in the time and the work- who’s with me?!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about positivity and believing in yourself (this is a health and positivity blog, after all). To preface this, I’m a self-proclaimed realist. I don’t consider myself to be an optimist or a pessimist, there is no ultra positive or ultra negative perspective from which I see the world. I look at the facts and from there I come to the most logical conclusion about the outcome of a situation. That’s not to say that I am not positive or negative at times, but to my logical brain, it just makes more sense to look at what is most likely to happen and go from there. Does that make sense? I hope so.

While I do so value being realistic, sometimes it’s really amazing the difference that a positive outlook can make. In a way, I see negativity as a form of self-fulfilling prophecy- if you believe that something bad will happen, you’re more likely to subconsciously make that bad thing happen. If you’re continually down on yourself, thinking “oh I’m going to fail this test” or “I’ll never get a raise at work” or “I probably won’t be able to lose those last 5 pounds”, those things are much more likely to play out in that negative manner. I’ve been there, I’ve done it! Everyone has. I believe that being negative is just part of human nature and the many flaws that we are all made with. Negativity comes about in more forms than just self doubt- you can also allow negativity into your life by holding on to grudges, anger or resentment. Basically anything that doesn’t bring good into your life or the lives of others has potential to harbor negativity.

I used to lean much more on the negative side of things. There were definitely some darker days in my life when I was nothing BUT negative. But by allowing more positivity into my life, everything has changed. I’m not saying that it’s all rainbows and butterflies all the time (that’s a little too optimistic), but it is my belief that being positive and believing that good things will happen brings about more good things in your life. This all comes together in a big way to me when it comes to believing and having faith in myself.

I haven’t always had the confidence in myself that I have now, and I still struggle frequently with self confidence and doubting myself and what I can accomplish. Throughout most of my life, my self-confidence has always been very low. Looking at myself, I only saw the negatives- my flaws. My shortcomings. My weaknesses. Talk about a poisonous way to live- how can you have love and positivity in your life if you don’t have it for yourself? In my health journey, I’ve really had to set aside those negative thoughts of self-doubt and start believing in myself and encouraging myself in a positive way. It wasn’t easy at first, but once I started seeing results, it really hit me- I did it. I could do this. This wasn’t some unreachable dream, this wasn’t a fantasy in an alternate universe. I had put my mind to something and although I had doubted myself, I had accomplished what I set out to accomplish. Slowly, the negatives started being replaced with positives. The loathing replaced with love. The doubt replaced with confidence. Just one of the many ways that making this change has totally transformed my life- for once, I have confidence in myself. I believe in myself. I am purging the negativity out of my life and accepting in positivity. When I refer to this as a lifestyle change or a health journey, I mean it in so many more ways than one! It has become about so much more than just losing weight and eating clean.

Believing and having faith in yourself is one of the most important parts of making any lifestyle change, but it’s especially important in a health and fitness setting because so much of this lifestyle and the results you get depends upon how well you motivate yourself even when you aren’t motivated by others. Underestimating yourself and setting the bar low means that ultimately, you’ll only reach that low bar- when in reality you could have gone all the way to the top.

I apologize because I feel like this has been somewhat scattered but it all boils down to this: don’t let negativity poison your life and your dreams. It’s so easy to have negative thoughts and to be down on yourself but it only holds you back. I encourage everyone out there to let go of the negativity in your life- whether it be grudges over past transgressions, self-doubt, anger, resentment, anything- and pursue a life full of positivity, hope and confidence. It’s not always feasible to be positive and I understand that- but even a sliver of sunshine behind a rain cloud hints at the end of the storm.


Thank you so very much for reading! I really hope you got something out of this- even as scattered as it seems to me!

Have a fantastic week! Tomorrow is Monday and that can be a drag BUT guess what boosts your endorphins and dopamine/serotonin levels? Exercise! So don’t forget tomorrow to NEVER MISS A MONDAY and start the week off right!

xx Tiffany


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